About Us

Our Story

Consumer Advocate Consulting Group (CACG) was founded by two former HVAC General Managers (Mick & Len) who saw an opportunity to streamline the sales process for homeowners. Providing a way to removing the two-hour sales presentation's and focusing on providing solutions for homeowners.

Our Partners

We also provided an opportunity that benefit contractors. Providing the ability to save time, while growing their business. Our My HVAC Advocate platform allowed those small contractors who lacked manpower to effectively scale their business and created a win-win situation for consumers and contractors alike.

Our Advantage

CACG also brought in Art Hicks as our Chief Strategy Officer. Art along with his agency at ViviScape and other resources provide the tools needed to provide innovative digital experiences.

Our Mission

Our mission is to make it simple homowners for to take control of home comfort, while tranforming the way home estimates are provided to satisfy the needs of their home or property.


Mick Hoeflinger

CEO / Co-Founder

With more than 20+ years of experience in the construction field, including HVAC & business management, Mick provides a unique approach to help consumers in the marketplace. As well as helping business owners thrive in their field.

Art Hicks

Chief Strategy Officer

With over 20+ years’ experience in technology and business development, Art provides a unique approach towards helping consumers and businesses navigate into the solutions they need.

Leonard Sacchitello

CRO / Co-Founder

Len has spent the past 10 years in the heating and air business, managing multi-million-dollar contractors. A graduate of the University of Wisconsin, Madison; he’s spent the majority of his career as a leader in the ‘consumer advocacy’ arena.

Nicholas Hogues

Chief Legal Counsel

Aaron Smith

VP Sales

Based out of the Midwest-

we understand that homeowners want to use existing technology to connect to potential contractors regarding their projects.

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